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Since 1968, HMWC CPAs & Business Advisors has specialized in serving the financial and tax needs of privately-held businesses and their owners throughout Southern California.  The depth and breadth of our experience - which includes such ancillary services as business consulting, business valuation, employee benefits and human resources services, estate planning and technology consulting - makes us a valuable member of our clients' management team.

At HMWC, we are more than accountants, we are trusted business advisors.

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Jeff is a partner at HMWC specializing in a variety of tax, accounting and consulting services for real estate and construction industries.


Nic is a senior manager at HMWC and an expert advisor to the construction and real estate industries. 


The ABCs of P3s - An introduction to public-private partnerships

One approach government agencies are exploring, to help meet the nation’s needs for new proposed infrastructure projects, is developing public-private partnerships. Under this model, a public entity engages a private partner, which in turn hires, supervises and pays the contractor. This article discusses the expected rise of “P3s” and how they could provide profitable opportunities for many construction companies in the near future. It’s important to know how they work. A sidebar looks at the bonding aspect of P3s.

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Are you managing project scope — or is it managing you?

Almost every construction project has a struggle to maintain control — of costs, of safety and of quality. To put it a different way, what contractors are really trying to manage on every job is its scope. This article offers tips on the mission-critical process of scope management, including gathering reports from the field and creating a single, universal punch list.

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Updates available: Hot apps for contractors

In the construction industry, most of the day-to-day action takes place in the field. So it’s only natural that contractors are eager to find mobile apps for smartphones and tablets that can help them work better. This article suggests the right mindset when shopping for mobile solutions and looks at three hot areas of app offerings right now.

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Construction Success Story — Reviewing cost-plus vs. fixed-price contracts

This issue’s “Construction Success Story” features a remodeling contractor who wants to improve his company’s financial performance. Specifically, he’s grappling with the difference between fixed-price contracts and cost-plus arrangements. His CPA lays out the pros and cons of both and, together, they come to an important conclusion.

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