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08/29/2018 Tax Planning Guide 2018-2019 (PDF)
09/14/2017 Tax Planning Guide 2017-2018 (PDF)
08/13/2014 “Preventing Fraud” presentation to Inland Empire MGMA (PDF)
01/24/2012 Smart Business booklet of articles
07/08/2009 Presentation to OCMGMA on “Employee Theft” by Steve Williams
HELP Handouts
02/16/2017 2017 Employment Law Update
04/07/2016 HR Summit: Workplace Compliance & New Laws
09/10/2015 Interviewing and Recruiting Techniques
02/19/2015 Medicare Update
09/11/2014 Healthcare Reform: Analysis of the Latest Implementation Challenges — Both as an Employer and Medical Provider
07/10/2014 Human Resource Trends: Keeping on top of it all
04/17/2014 “Where do I begin?!” Embracing Social Media
02/20/2014 Medicare Update or Planning for ICD-10
11/21/2013 EMPLOYEE WAGE AND BENEFITS SURVEY DATA: What Are Practices Doing This Year?
09/12/2013 Healthcare Reform: Preparing your practice for implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA)
06/27/2013 Navigating the Credentialing Maze
04/18/2013 Human Resource Trends: Keeping on Top of it All
02/14/2013 Current Medicare Update: Get the Latest News
11/29/2012 EMPLOYEE WAGE AND BENEFITS SURVEY DATA: What Are Practices Doing This Year?
09/06/2012 The Road to ICD-10 – 2012 Update
06/07/2012 HR Issues and Trends for the Medical Office
04/19/2012 Updates in Risk Management: Where is your practice vulnerable?
02/12/2012 Medicare Update
06/23/2011 Employment Law & Best Practice Overview
04/06/2011 Medicare Update
09/16/2010 Navigating the Credentialing Maze
06/03/2010 Marketing Advances with Websites: The Latest Trends, Technologies, and Practical Uses
04/22/2010 Medicare Update 2010
09/17/2009 Getting the Most Bang for Your Limited Bucks: How To Do More With Less
06/03/2009 What is Medicare is up to now?
11/16/2008 Get Paid Now! Maximize Third Party Reimbursements & Increase Patient Collections
09/17/2008 What Medicare is up to NOW: An update on New Law & Compliance Issues
05/08/2008 Healthcare Topics & Trends: How Multiple Forces Affect Your Practice
GAB Handouts
5/11/2016 Improve Your Electronic Communication
11/18/2015 Year-End Tax Planning Seminar
09/17/2015 The Keys to Commercial Lending
02/04/2015 The Top 10 Compensation Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
02/13/2014 Cyberterrorism & Security
11/13/2013 Year-End Tax Planning for Individuals
and Small Businesses
09/19/2013 How To Avoid Outliving Your Money
07/11/2013 Negotiating Smart with Emotions
05/08/2013 Healthcare Reform and Small Business
02/21/2013 Internet & Mobile Marketing: Websites / SEO / Mobile Web / Mobile Apps
11/14/2012 Year-End Tax Planning for Individuals and Small Businesses
09/18/2012 How to Prevent Costly Employment Litigation
06/25/2012 Retirement Plan Options for Small-to-Mid-size Businesses
02/08/2012 Social Media & How to Use it for Marketing Your Business
11/09/2011 Small Business Tax Issues & Year-End Tax Planning/Tax Tune Up
06/29/2011 What is Your Business Worth? Business Valuations
05/11/2011 Estate Tax Issues – The Effects of Recent Legislation
02/15/2011 Seven Critical Steps for Effective Organization Planning
06/15/2010 Estate Planning – Are You Prepared?