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M&A and Valuations article library

M&A and Valuations article library

Business Exit Strategy: The Challenging Questions to Ask

by Glenn Carniello, CPA, CCIFP, Partner   When is the right time to sell your business? How does one go about monetizing the value of the company they’ve spent a  lifetime building? One of the greatest challenges for investors is knowing when to sell their...

The Fundamentals of a Successful Merger

by Curtis Campbell, CPA, MST, Partner and Glenn Carniello, CPA, CCIFP, PartnerFor businesses considering a merger, there are several necessary factors for success. We typically advise clients in pre-merger financial projections, tax planning and due...

Why Deal Structure Counts in M&A Transactions

by Curtis Campbell, CPA, PartnerIf you’re planning to buy or sell corporate assets or stock in a merger or acquisition, you’ll need to negotiate more than just the selling price. How you structure the deal can have a major impact on how much cash and...


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