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Know the true value of your company before you make significant decisions.

As a business owner, your company, which has taken years of hard work to establish, may represent the majority of your personal net worth. Knowing the true value of your company before you make significant decisions regarding its future can literally save you and/or your heirs thousands of dollars. The HMWC team prepares valuation on companies for a variety of reasons, including:

    • Buy-sell negotiations
    • Succession and estate planning
    • Estate and gift tax purposes
    • Qualified and non-qualified employee stock option plans
    • Estate freezes
    • Stock redemption plans

Business valuations are built on financial statements frequently prepared by CPAs. A business appraiser frequently needs to:

    • Assess the underlying condition of the accounting records
    • Understand the accounting systems used by the subject business
    • Consider the accounting methods applied by management

The best business appraisers apply real world experience gained by working on actual transactions, advising clients during good and bad economic conditions, and handling post-closing issues after a transaction is executed. Our familiarity sets us apart from business appraisers who only apply theoretical models. Having an experienced CPA firm prepare your valuation can be a critical edge in supporting your valuation, whether it’s presented to shareholders, partners, employees, the IRS, or a court of law. Contact us today to discuss your business valuation needs.


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