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Rice Drywall, Inc. is a union steel framing and drywall subcontractor specializing in large, commercial projects throughout Southern California. The company’s projects range from new, “ground-up” buildings to rehabilitations and remodels of existing structures. Rice Drywall, Inc. was founded by Don Rice in 1973. John Laing, his son-in-law, began as a carpenter apprentice a few years later and went on to take over the company in 1990.

Due to a lung disease, John received a double lung transplant in 2006. At that time, daughter Kim Riker was an attorney with Rutan & Tucker LLP, but decided to leave to help her father at Rice Drywall as he recovered. Also about that time, their accountant was retiring so they were in need of a new CPA. Kim knew of HMWC through a colleague and had heard of the firm’s strong reputation working with business owners, so she made the switch.

Over the years, Kim has worked with many on the HMWC team for assistance in the areas of audit and accounting, as well as personal, business, and family tax.

One particularly challenging time for Rice Drywall was in 2010, upon the passing of Kim’s father, John. Kim sought out advice from HMWC colleagues, as she was to assume ownership of the company. They were very instrumental in helping Kim in two specific areas.

First, with transition of the business following John’s passing. They advised Kim concerning the practical steps that needed to be taken, including: business and personal tax issues, the tactics in long term planning, and the use of trusts.  “I felt so at ease when sitting in their office and hearing ‘this is what needs to happen’,” remembers Kim.

As Kim opined, a large part of a business’s longevity comes down to finances – specifically taxes. It’s about more than just a return, it’s also planning and strategizing for the long-term. Successful business owners rely on trusted business advisors like HMWC.

“It’s important in business to surround yourself with the wisest advisors you can. HMWC are the tax management and financial planning trusted business advisors I can rely on long-term. They are immeasurably helpful navigating the changing landscape of tax regulations, and I have the utmost confidence that I am getting the best advice that’s out there.”                       

Kim Riker

CEO, Rice Drywall, Inc.

Don Rice and daughter Caren Laign (Kim’s mother)

Kim Riker & father Don Rice

Kim Riker

John Laing and grandson Matt Riker

The Laign Family